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Two Arrested for “Violent” Retail Thefts at Home Depot Stores


The State of Florida is pursuing criminal charges against two individuals who were allegedly involved in a violent organized retail theft targeting several Home Depot stores across five Florida counties. According to the indictment, the defendants violently assaulted Home Depot employees in the process of committing the thefts. This included one incident of the suspect pepper spraying a cashier in the face. According to the district attorney, the two suspects began a spree of targeting Home Depot stores across the State of Florida. These incidents included acts of physical violence committed against store employees.

According to investigators, the duo would load up shopping carts with goods and then proceed to the store’s outdoor garden center to attempt to checkout. The defendants then attempted to purchase the merchandise (often exceeding $1,000 per checkout) with counterfeit money, according to police.

Once staff recognized that the currency was counterfeit, one of the suspects would forcibly enter the store’s employee-only area and attempt to open the cash drawer. In cases where the employees resisted the efforts of the suspects, they would resort to physical violence against the cashiers.

In one incident, the suspect used pepper spray to attack a clerk. The other suspect would allegedly serve as the lookout or transport the stolen merchandise to their vehicle while the other battled store employees.

Gov. Ron DeSantis recently enhanced penalties for organized retail theft 

Governor Ron DeSantis recently passed legislation enhancing the penalties for crimes such as porch piracy and organized retail theft. The new law makes it so that any package stolen with a value of between $40 and $750 is now considered a third-degree felony. If property is stolen from more than 20 homes, it is considered a second-degree felony. A third-degree felony has a maximum sentence of 5 years in state prison, while a second-degree felony has a maximum sentence of 15 years. If the property stolen is valued at less than $40, then it becomes a first-degree misdemeanor.

The bill, called HB 549, also amends penalties related to regular retail theft. This includes enhanced punishment for those who work in groups of 5 or more to overwhelm a retail store or merchant. The new measure also defines harsher charges for those who use social media to participate in retail theft or porch piracy.

Despite the harsher penalties, Florida has actually seen a decrease in retail theft crimes over the last four years. Gov. DeSantis says that this is a fact he is proud of. “I think it’s because a lot of people know this is not the state you want to try that in.”

Talk to a Tallahassee Retail Theft Criminal Defense Attorney Today 

Luke Newman, P.A. represents the interests of those charged with various theft crimes in Florida. As previously stated, Florida has harsher penalties for retail theft crimes than most other states. If you have been charged with retail theft, you will want an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate on your behalf. Call our Tallahassee criminal defense lawyers today to schedule an appointment, and we can begin preparing your defense immediately.




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