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Tallahassee Drug Trafficking Attorney

“Drug trafficking” is a fairly broad term used in criminal law used to criminalize a wide range of conduct associated with the manufacture, distribution, and sale of certain controlled substances. Although you might think drug trafficking implies the existence of a large-scale criminal organization, the reality is much different. In practice, if the police find a relatively small amount of drugs on a person, that person can be prosecuted for drug trafficking even if they are not part of some massive “cartel” or criminal enterprise.

So if you are arrested on drug trafficking charges, do not dismiss it as an attempt to scare you. These are serious allegations that can send you to prison for many years–even decades. You need to work with an experienced Tallahassee drug trafficking attorney who has represented people in this situation before. Here at Luke Newman, P.A., we can provide you with that representation.

What Exactly Is “Drug Trafficking”?

Drug trafficking is not the same thing as drug dealing. Florida law defines trafficking as knowingly selling, manufacturing, delivering, or bringing into the state a certain quantity of controlled substances. The key word here is “quantity.” Drug trafficking cases usually hinge on the amount of drugs that are allegedly involved, more so than what the defendant was actually doing with said drugs at the time of their arrest.

For example, Florida defines trafficking of at least 25 pounds of cannabis or 300 pounds of marijuana as a first-degree felony. Anyone found in possession of more than these amounts can be tried and convicted of trafficking. Other common drugs and their trafficking thresholds include:

  • 28 grams of cocaine;
  • 4 grams of Fentanyl or heroin;
  • 14 grams of Hydrocodone;
  • 1 gram of LSD;
  • 10 grams of MDMA; or
  • 14 grams of Methamphetamine.

Keep in mind, drug trafficking is both a federal and a state crime. There are distinct federal laws defining and punishing trafficking-related offenses. And federal prosecutors are often more aggressive in pursuing these cases–and longer prison terms–than their state counterparts.

Of course, even a state-level drug trafficking conviction could land you in prison for 30 years. Unlike simple possession, trafficking carries certain mandatory minimum sentences. This means that even if you have no prior criminal record, a judge will still “not go easy” on you when it comes to sentencing. You will be a convicted felon in the eyes of the law.

Contact Luke Newman, P.A., Today

There are many possible defenses to a drug trafficking charge. The police may have illegally searched your property without a warrant. Officers may have induced you to commit the crime in the first place (i.e., entrapment). Or the prosecution may simply not have sufficient evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

At Luke Newman, P.A., our team can review your case and help you devise the best possible defense strategy for your situation. So if you need legal advice or representation from a qualified Tallahassee drug trafficking lawyer, call us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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