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Tallahassee Federal Crime Attorney

Federal law enforcement agencies like the US Secret Service, the US Postal Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the U.S. Attorneys Office have enormous budgets and financial resources to hire and train top attorneys and law enforcement agents and spend months conducting surveillance and interviews, gathering evidence and building cases. It can be especially intimidating as a lone individual when the federal government brings this juggernaut down on you, but you don’t have to face federal criminal charges alone. Tallahassee federal crime attorney Luke Newman has years of experience defending people charged with drug offenses, weapons offenses and white-collar crimes in Florida federal courts. If you are being pursued by the DOJ, FBI, DEA or other federal agencies, call Luke Newman, P.A., to get out in front of the charges and formulate a strategy that will deliver a favorable outcome in your case.

Luke Newman, P.A., can advise and represent you on the full range of federal crimes and related matters, including:

  • Racketeering and RICO Charges
  • Bribery and Corruption Charges
  • Asset Seizure and Forfeiture
  • Federal Criminal Appeals

Help With Federal Investigations

Federal criminal laws are written by Congress, and federal criminal statutes can be bafflingly complex, lengthy and highly technical. Often, the federal government uses its immense resources to launch broad investigations spanning several months before they bring their case to a grand jury for indictments and start to make arrests. During this time, federal agents frequently approach people they suspect of involvement in a crime or who they believe have information that can help them with their case. It can be hard to tell at this point if the government thinks you are a person with information, a potential witness, or the target of their investigation.

An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can prove invaluable to you at this stage of the investigation. Your lawyer can go behind the scenes and find out why the government is interested in you and hopefully keep that interest from escalating. It’s generally better to be a cooperating witness than the target of an investigation, but you’ll need help. Federal agents are expertly trained interrogators, and the things you say when trying to be helpful can wind up incriminating you or generating more interest in you than you would want.

Federal officers also have a powerful tool in a law that makes it a federal crime to knowingly and willfully make a materially false statement with respect to a federal legal matter. Lying to a federal officer can be punished by a fine and imprisonment up to five or eight years depending on the circumstances. If law enforcement agents can plausibly charge you with this offense, they will use that ability as a weapon against you to force you to cooperate further or get you to plead guilty to some other crime.

If you are approached by federal agents in Tallahassee for questioning, take their card and let them know your attorney will be in touch, and then call Luke Newman, P.A. We can find out what is going on, advise you on whether to cooperate, and be with you during any conversations with law enforcement. We can protect your rights and ensure you are kept in the best position to help yourself and avoid further entanglement, and we will be well prepared to defend you if charges are filed against you.

Help With Federal Sentencing Laws

People convicted of federal crimes have to deal with the federal sentencing laws. Judges have guidelines to follow that impose a range of punishments that can lead to decades in prison and enormous fines. Judges can also order restitution, and many federal agencies are overly enthusiastic when it comes to seizing private property as the “proceeds” or “instrumentality” of a crime. Prosecutors also use several tricks like charging every transaction as a separate crime or adding charges like conspiracy, racketeering or RICO violations that significantly ratchet up the potential penalties.

Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer Luke Newman is well-versed in federal criminal statutes and penalties. At Luke Newman, P.A., we’ll work hard to limit the number or type of crimes charged from the outset and put forward a vigorous defense against any charges filed. In the case of a plea or conviction, we’ll work to get the prosecutor to recommend a reduced sentence to the judge. With years of experience and success at both the trial and appellate levels, we’ll fight to get the best result when you are facing the serious consequences of a federal criminal law conviction.

Federal Criminal Defense in Tallahassee

For help with federal criminal charges in Tallahassee, call Luke Newman, P.A. for a confidential consultation to learn about your options and how we can help.

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