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Tallahassee Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes are some of the most difficult charges to defend against as well as offenses that are punished extremely harshly. Convicted offenders not only face lengthy prison terms and damage to their reputation, but they might be required to enter their information on the Florida Sex Offender Registry which follows them everywhere they go for the rest of their life. Even worse, offenders who get labeled as violent sexual predators can serve decades in prison and then be civilly committed to another facility after they serve their sentence, possibly never seeing freedom again. The stigma attached to sex crimes makes them difficult to defend against in court, and prosecutors take full advantage of this fact when pressuring a defendant to plead guilty.

Tallahassee sex crimes attorney Luke Newman has devoted his career to criminal trial advocacy and criminal appeals. He firmly believes that every person accused of a crime is entitled to be treated fairly and regarded with dignity and respect as someone who remains innocent until the State proves guilty. Luke Newman, P.A., will approach your case with the sensitivity the matter requires but will also handle your case as aggressively as necessary to provide you with a strong defense and get you the best outcome considering the charges against you. If you’ve been arrested for a sex crime or contacted in any way and asked to discuss any sexual encounter, call Luke Newman, P.A. for help.

Defending People Charged With the Full Range of Florida Sex Offenses

A conviction for a sex crime can be incredibly damaging to your life. Even if the conviction doesn’t require to you register as a sex offender, and even with a favorable outcome like probation instead of jail, having a sex crime conviction on your record can negatively affect where you can live and work and keep you from enjoying a peaceful life. Pleading guilty might seem like the quickest and quietest way to put an embarrassing or humiliating matter behind you, but it might not be in your best interests and could actually plague you for years or the rest of your life.

Don’t get bullied or pressured into making a plea that might not be in your best interests; talk to Luke Newman, P.A., first to understand your options and get the best practical advice. Our Tallahassee criminal defense practice takes on the full range of sex offenses in Florida, including:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Statutory Rape
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Child Molestation
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Abuse
  • Lewd Conduct

At Luke Newman, P.A., we investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the arrest to determine all available defenses. For instance, some people are simply wrongfully accused of a sex crime, whether through misidentification, mistakes about the facts, or intentionally. Other accused offenders are sex addicts or persons where themselves victims of sexual abuse in their childhood and who deserve help and not punishment. Sometimes, a person has just made a terrible mistake and is willing to take responsibility but should not be disproportionately punished.

Law enforcement might also overstep when investigating and prosecuting sex offenses and violate the rights of the accused in the process. Whether vigorously defending against the charges filed or negotiating a favorable outcome that avoids prison and overly harsh treatment, Luke Newman, P.A. will fight for you with the skills and dedication of an experienced and successful Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer.

Sex Offender Registration Attorney

Nearly two dozen different Florida laws define sex offenses that require registration on the Florida Sex Offender Registry. Registration can even be required for non-violent offenses that are sexually related and can be required of minors as young as 14 years old. Registration is permanent for life and happens whether you are convicted, plead guilty, or plead no contest to a qualifying offense.

Registered sex offenders have their name, address, and photo put into a database that members of the public can search by name or location. Residents can find any sex offenders living in their neighborhood, print out flyers and post them around the neighborhood or hand them out door-to-door. Offenders must continually check in with the local sheriff and promptly report any change of address for the rest of their life.

Although registration is a lifetime requirement, it is possible to get off the registry after 25 years with a clean record or earlier by securing a pardon or other post-conviction relief. As a dedicated criminal defense lawyer and Florida Board Certified Criminal Appeals lawyer, Luke Newman will work aggressively to keep you from being placed on the registry in the first place and also has the skills and knowledge to get you removed whenever possible.

Get Help After a Sex Crime Arrest in Tallahassee

You owe it to yourself and your family to get good advice and representation whenever you are arrested for a sex offense or other serious criminal matter. In Tallahassee, call Luke Newman, P.A. for a confidential consultation and find out how we can help you.

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