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Tallahassee Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting arrested and pushed through the criminal justice system can be frightening, upsetting, and embarrassing. It can feel like the cops and state attorneys have all the power, knowledge, information, experience, and financial resources to use against you, while you are powerless to do anything about it. That is simply not true. As a person accused of a crime, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The Florida and U.S. Constitutions protect your rights to fair treatment and empower you to hire an attorney to defend you.

Luke Newman is a Tallahassee criminal defense attorney who has devoted his career to representing people charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in Florida and federal courts. Luke has been fighting for the rights of the accused in Tallahassee since 2004, and he’ll fight for you too. He is Board-Certified in Criminal Appellate Law and certified to handle death penalty appeals in Florida. Luke knows the law and the court system and has a substantial record of success you can rely on. He’ll personally handle every important aspect of your case with a determination to get you the best result. If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense in Tallahassee, from fraud or theft to homicide or murder, call Luke Newman, P.A. to put an aggressive, effective criminal defense lawyer in your corner.

Comprehensive Tallahassee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Luke Newman, P.A. takes on the full range of Florida and federal felonies and misdemeanors, including:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Marijuana Offenses
  • Assault and Battery
  • Homicide and Murder
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • White-Collar Crimes
  • Guns/Weapons Offenses

After an arrest, you have the right to an attorney, and the sooner you talk to a lawyer after an arrest, the better off you will be. Luke Newman goes to work right away fighting on your behalf, making sure your rights are protected and that you are positioned for the best outcome in your case. Some charges can get dropped or reduced at the outset through negotiations with the prosecutor, or a case can be dismissed based on your lawyer’s success in pre-trial motions. Call Luke Newman, P.A. before you do anything else after an arrest, and we’ll work to get the best result at the earliest stage.

In addition to negotiating plea agreements and defending people in court, Luke Newman, P.A., helps clients in a wide range of matters related to criminal charges. Call our firm for help in any of the following areas:

Bail/Bond Hearings

Although the Constitution guarantees the right to a speedy trial, it can still be weeks or months before your case is decided. Whether you spend that time locked up in detention or are given pre-trial release depends on a number of factors. Luke Newman, P.A. works to get you released for a reasonable amount of bail or without any cash bail requirement at all. Pre-trial release allows you to keep up with your job and spend time with your family while your case is pending and also lets you play an important role in preparing your defense. Don’t go to your arraignment or call a bail bond company until you have first called Luke Newman, P.A. to get the best deal.

University Disciplinary Actions

Public colleges and universities are free to enforce their rules and standards of conduct, but those rules must be fair and evenly applied, and they cannot deprive a student of the right to a public education without due process. Luke Newman applies the same knowledge, skills and dedication he uses in Florida criminal courts to defend students charged with cheating, underage drinking, vandalism, theft, assault , sexual violence or other violations of a campus disciplinary code. If your child is in trouble at school and facing consequences that could derail their future, Luke Newman, P.A. will fight for a favorable outcome with aggressive and effective representation.

Crime Victim Rights/Crime Victim Confidentiality

Florida voters adopted a “Marsy’s Law” in 2018, giving constitutional rights to crime victims and their families. Sometimes crime victims feel left our or even bullied by the tug of war between the attorneys for the State and the defense. Luke Newman, P.A. can navigate the intricacies of the State/Defense/Victim dynamic with discretion and understanding of the sensitive nature of the case. Luke Newman, P.A. was lead counsel in one of the leading victims’ rights decisions in Florida law. If you are the victim of an offense who wishes to pay for your own attorney within the process: contact Luke Newman, P.A. for a consultation.

Restraining Orders/Injunctions

Although civil in nature, domestic violence restraining orders are often closely linked to the criminal justice system. Injunctions can order an alleged abuser out of the house and keep them from seeing their children, possessing firearms, or taking care of the family pet. Violations of strict order requirements can be punished with criminal sanctions. Luke Newman, P.A. defends people facing protective orders and injunctions that could be pursued based on a misunderstanding or a false accusation.

Probation Violations

For many, probation is an excellent outcome after a criminal arrest, but it comes with many conditions and requirements that can be difficult to meet. Violating the terms of your probation is a serious matter, however, that could immediately send you to jail without further proceedings. Before a judge can revoke your probation, you have the right to a hearing and to be represented by counsel. Luke Newman will work to keep your probation intact or get it modified in a manner you can handle without fear of breaking the terms of your probation and possibly being sent to jail.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

You are in a situation in which you never thought you would find yourself – you have been arrested for a crime, accused of a crime or approached for questioning by law enforcement. Even a presumably minor offense could potentially throw your life into instant turmoil. Depending on the crime, you could be facing a multitude of consequences ranging from fines to incarceration. Additionally, if convicted, your current predicament could haunt you for the rest of your life.

Considerations When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You may be thinking that you need a lawyer. However, never having been in this situation before, you might not even know where to begin. The criminal justice system can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with it. It is important to have an experienced criminal attorney on your side.

There are some things you should consider as you make your decision to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Research the attorney. There are many lawyers in Tallahassee, Leon County, and all of Florida, for that matter. Some are better than others. Some will be a better fit for you and your individual needs.

Asking the following questions can help you as determine which attorney to hire.

  1. How long has the attorney been practicing in his current location? Attorneys who move from city to city or who change office locations within the same city frequently should be questioned about this instability. Are you hiring a lawyer who has spent years building relationships with the prosecutors and judges in the same jurisdiction? Or has your lawyer left his prior goodwill behind and recently moved to the location in which you will need him?
  2. Does this lawyer’s level of expertise align to the crime you have been charged with?
  3. Has this lawyer had experience in court as a trial lawyer? If the case goes to trial you need someone with experience and skill in trial proceedings.
  4. Will the lawyer actually be handling the legal work in the case? Is there an associate attorney (or worse – law clerk/intern) hanging around at your consultation? Are you going to be paying for a “big name” lawyer who will allow his associates/staff to handle your case while he pursues out-of-office activities?
  5. What information do you find from independent references (available on websites such as AVVO or Martindale)?
  6. Is the lawyer in good standing in the state of Florida? Visit the state bar association website to find this information (floridabar.org). Is the lawyer certified in any area related to criminal law? Is the lawyer simply a member in good standing with the Bar or has he been appointed to any Bar Committees by the Board of Governors?
  7. Can you obtain a copy of the lawyer’s fee agreement and have it explained to you while making your decision? Except for the most minor situations – all fee agreements with the lawyer should be reduced to writing.
  8. Is the lawyer a member of any relevant associations such as The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and/or the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers? Is the lawyer simply a member of the organizations or does he hold leadership position(s) within those organizations?

Your objective is to find a lawyer you are comfortable with and can trust with your confidential information. Your objective is also to find a lawyer which the judge and prosecutor are comfortable with and can trust as well.

The criminal defense lawyer you hire should explain and help you understand:

  • the various aspects of the charges that have been filed against you,
  • what the various defenses may be,
  • any expectations in the plea agreement process based on practice experience,
  • what to expect during the preparation for a possible trial.

Get the Help You Need With Criminal Law Matters in Tallahassee

For practical advice and effective representation in a Tallahassee criminal legal matter, call Luke Newman, P.A. for a confidential consultation with a skilled and experienced Tallahassee criminal attorney.

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