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Charges Filed Against 3 Individuals Suspected of Stealing $100,000 in Supplies from Home Depot


Three individuals suspected of running an organized retail theft ring have been charged with grand theft in Florida, according to the state Attorney General. Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution filed criminal charges against three individuals on suspicion of stealing more than $100,000 from Home Depot stores. According to the investigation, the trio would execute the theft by switching barcodes on expensive roof sealers for less expensive items. Over a three-year period, the group stole 281 buckets of Henry 887 Tropi-Cool roof sealer in more than 25 individual theft incidents from multiple Home Depot stores. The thefts took place in 11 counties across South and Central Florida.

According to the Attorney General, the trio switched barcodes at self-checkout stations for items that cost 95-97% less. They would hit multiple Home Depot stores in a day. Ultimately, the total value of the theft eclipsed $100,000 in losses to Home Depot. The AG said that Florida is taking a proactive approach to dismantling retail theft rings.

Theft crimes in Florida 

Theft can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on how much the individual stole and the total value of the stolen merchandise. In this case, the defendants are being charged with grand theft for stealing over $100,000 in merchandise from various Home Depots across the state.

The crime of theft is considered a crime of dishonesty. It can be used against you in both civil and criminal court and will forever hang over your head when you are applying for jobs or tenancies. Being charged with theft can have a serious impact on your future. Unlike other crimes such as DUI, theft calls into question the defendant’s truthfulness and honesty. Those charged with theft may find it more difficult to get a job. Those who are working may lose their jobs as a result of a theft charge if their employer finds out. It can further impact your ability to rent an apartment you want in an area you consider safe. It could impact your ability to apply for a mortgage. It is imperative that a defendant fight charges of theft as aggressively as possible.

Grand theft falls into one of three categories, first-, second-, and third-degree grand theft. Third-degree grand theft includes theft of merchandise that is more than $750 but less than $20,000. It has a maximum 5-year prison sentence. Second-degree grand theft includes a theft the total value of which is between $20,000 and $100,000. It has a maximum 15-year penalty. First-degree grand theft includes theft of merchandise over $100,000, which is what the suspects discussed above are being charged with. First-degree grand theft has a maximum prison sentence of 30 years behind bars.

Talk to a Tallahassee Retail Theft Defense Attorney Today 

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